Check Out Some Of Our Dates!

Explore Our Wide
Variety of Unique Dates

Indoor or outdoor, hot or cold, it doesn’t matter! With 50 options, there’s always something to do! Just use the hints that we provide to help guide your selection!

Enjoy The Mystery Of
Uncovering Each Date

Part of the fun is not knowing what comes next! The title of each date is usually a pun that’ll help you guess what you might be doing. Guess what it is and then scratch away!

Work Together To Overcome
Fun Co-Op Challenges

Our dates are meant to be fun, cooperative challenges that can adapt to your mood for that day! Feeling competitive? Try an outdoor date! Want to prove who’s the better artist? Try DIY or Art dates!

Outdoor Adventures
And Unique Experiences

With every date, we try to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Perfect For Spending Quality
Time Together

Learn more about each other and grow closer together as you try new things and overcome unique challenges.

Experience Intimacy
In A Brand New Way

Our dates are meant to give you a moment away from work and screens so that you can truly savor your time together and break out of your daily repetitions. Focus 100% on your partner and the your new found activities!

And... You’re Supporting A
Small Business With Every Date

These books were originally a handmade Valentines Day gift! So many of our friends and family loved the concept that we decided to make a version that everyone could enjoy!


Are the dates in this book age appropriate for everyone?

Yes! There are no explicit themes in this book. However, there are some dates that suggest the inclusion of alcoholic beverages. For these dates, we provide alternative suggestions that replace the alcoholic drinks with Kombucha or sparkling fruit juice!

What makes these dates unique?

Between 50 First Dates & Bombshell Dates, we attempted to write 100 of the most exciting and unique moments that two people can share together. We had many different approaches to how we wrote them. Sometimes we would focus on sharing atypical hobbies and activities with people, sometimes we’d take a classic date idea and try to add a unique twist to it, and sometimes we’d create an entirely new activity all together! The ideas in these books are extremely diverse, so some of them might not be your cup of tea, but others might end up giving you some of your best memories together! :)

How does being a small, family owned business, impact these books?

Our dates were written 100% from the minds of two people in love and we wanted these dates to allow other people to share incredible memories with each other! We care so much about the dates we share, the quality of our books, and the way we treat our customers.

We used this business as a way to involve everyone in our family as well! Our social media is run by Amanda’s brother and his girlfriend! Our order fulfillment is handled by Julian and Amanda, with help from Amanda’s parents. This business and these books wouldn’t be possible without putting family first.

Are there sample dates that I can see before buying?

Yes! We post date ideas on our instagram and TikTok! If you check them out and like them, please consider giving us a follow to help a small business :)

What is the return policy?

We accept returns within a 30 day period as long as no damage occurred to the book after its delivery. Unfortunately, this does not allow you to explore the product very thoroughly because scratching off any of the silver scratch-off layers inside of the book counts as damaging the book. If you’d like examples of the dates before purchasing, we show free dates on our social media!