The 50 dates in each book were uniquely crafted to help couples share more incredible experiences together and create lasting memories.

Choose a date from a diverse set of themes.

Cooking dates? Yes. DIY dates? Yes. Outdoor adventures? You bet! We have over 10 sections in each book so you can share a wide variety of new experiences with your special someone.

Scratch it off to uncover the date!

Every date is kept kidden with a silver scratch-off layer so that you can be suprised and delighted when you uncover your date! Use a coin and scratch back and forth until the date is revealed!

Make unforgettable memories!

With a wide variety of unique activities, hobbies and romantic moments, we guarantee that you'll have an incredible time with your partner. Your love will flourish as you get out of your comfort zone and live in the moment.


Elizabeth S.

I was concerned about how to do these dates with our newborn needing attention ALL DAY, but a lot of them were easy to do at home and most of the outdoor ones allowed for us to bring our son with us. Thought I’d share my two cents for any other moms out there.

Ember J.

Saw this book on TikTok and bought it for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift. 10/10 recommend. I’ve gotten a lot of other couples gifts like this that have been cheesy or unrealistic, so they end up sitting on a shelf, but the dates in this book were actually things we found ourselves wanting to do. Definitely start with the food and DIY sections, those were the best.

Our Story

As a Valentine's Day gift one year, I bought Amanda an empty notebook, which I immediately started filling with date ideas for the two of us. For every two pages, I'd write out a detailed date, cover it with a Post-It note, and then give it a funny title. Next to that, I'd do my best to draw little pictures that alluded to what the date might be about. That journal only had about 15 dates in it by the time Valentine's Day came around, but it became a beloved gift and we both knew that it was something we wanted to keep adding too. You can probably guess what that journal became.